5 Facebook Ad Mistakes that eCommerce Businesses Should Avoid!

Facebook Ads Mistakes

Over the last four years, we’ve been managing large-scale Facebook Ads campaigns mostly for eCommerce businesses. During this time, We learned the dos and the donts in advertising. Allow us to share with you five common Facebook Ad mistakes made by eCommerce businesses of all sizes.

Burning Your Budget on Non-Conversion Campaigns

In eCommerce, we’re selling stuff. That’s why we’ll almost always choose conversions as our campaign objective and optimize for Purchase, Initiate Checkout, or Add to Cart events – depending on the number of event signals we estimate to receive. Advertisers that spend more than 30% of their budget on Brand Awareness or Engagement campaigns miss their own main goal – selling products effectively.

eCommerce Activity without using DPA Campaign

Many eCommerce businesses don’t create dynamic product ads (DPA) campaigns because it seems to be complicated to create a feed and product catalog. Moreover, without knowing the best practices it could even be a failure on the first try. We strongly recommend creating a remarketing DPA campaign which is one of the most successful and profitable campaigns available for eCommerce websites.

Fixed (Non-Flexible) Budgets in eCommerce 

Some clients ask us, what sort of advertising budget we would recommend. We don’t have a simple answer and we’ll always go on to say that the budget shouldn’t be fixed but rather that it be a result derivative. An eCommerce business should define its optimal ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) from the cost structure. Then, on an ongoing basis, we’ll increase and decrease the budgets according to the performance and other logistic restrictions. As an example, if we aim to ROAS=3, and we are on 5, and the factory could produce more, we will increase the budget as far as we’re getting our target ROAS and vice versa.

eCommerce Activity without using Facebook’s Pixel

Trying to run Facebook Ads campaigns without a pixel installed properly is like driving a car without a driver. It’s just impossible to succeed this way. Today, it’s pretty easy to implement a pixel on your site and it’s a must-have for every eCommerce business to track all the actions users do throughout the funnel.

Mediocre Creative and boring ad-copy

Lastly, and maybe most importantly. Nowadays it’s all about creative & ad copy on Facebook Ads. You cannot win without awesome copy and a great image ad or video ad. It could be a packshot, tabletop, or model, with or without added text, however, it must be eye-catching and stand out from the crowd.


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