5 Key Elements for Increasing Product Page Conversion rate in eCommerce sites

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For most eCommerce websites, success depends greatly on how products are presented to users, as well as the effectiveness and appeal of their product pages. Here are five simple steps to increase product page conversion rates:

Images on Product Page

In today’s world of crazy competition for users’ attention, images in product pages can determine your conversion rates, for better or worse. Online sellers must be sure to use eye-catching and appealing product images.

  • Use only high-resolution product images.
  • Take multiple photographs of each product from different angles and styles (for example, if you sell jewelry, use both packshots and models).
  • Make sure your images communicate your product’s features and advantages.
  • It is always helpful to add short, well-edited videos.

Product Names

Formulate the product’s name by the relevant search terms, so users immediately realize that your product is what they’ve looked for.

Yet, make sure to include unique words(s) in your product name to keep it aligned with your brand. For instance, if your brand name is Guccy and your product is a gold anklet, call it: the “Gucci gold anklet”.


It’s recommended to use some techniques to make the products seem more appealing. Here are three examples:

  • If you offer a discount, besides the current price, it’s recommended to also add the original price with a cross and to show the user how much was saved.
  • If there is an option to spread payments for expensive products, be sure it’s communicated in a clear, unmissable way on your product page.
  • If you sell a non-luxury product, you can use charm pricing, also known as the 99 pricing strategy, which is an effective psychological pricing strategy. For example, selling your product for $19.99 instead of $20.00 will affect customer perceptions and improve the product page conversion rate.

Call to Action (CTA) on Product Page

The user’s following step after arriving at your product page is adding the product to the cart, so be sure the “Add to Cart” button stands out and tempting to click on.

By the way, the microcopy of this button does not have to be “Add to Cart.” You can experiment with different microcopies, see what works best, and stick with it.

Using tempting and urgent language on your product page is another significant part of the “Call to Action.” Highlight any special discounts or sales prominently on your page. An example would be a banner announcing a “summer sale,” “Black Friday,” etc.

It’s recommended to use messages like “limited time offer,” “limited stock,” etc., to create a sense of urgency and boost conversion rates. A counter can also be used to count down the days/hours left until the sale ends.

Social Proof on Product Page

You should try to incorporate as many trust-building elements as possible into your product page to increase users’ willingness to buy. That’s even more important for new and yet unknown businesses. Including reviews from happy customers on your product page can be the dime to the pound and convert users into customers.

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